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{March 7, 2007}   Global Mobile Awards 2007

The highest ranking award in the field of mobile communication is Global Mobile Award and the 2007 Edition has been announced. It consisted of 9 categories and many subcategories which are given below with the name of winner in each category:


1a. Most Innovative Technology:
Winner is Polymer Vision for the World’s first rollable display.1b. Most Innovative Mobile Application or Content: Winner is ShoZu mobile for two applications called Zucasts and Share-it.

2. MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT2a. Best Made for Mobile Game: Winner is I-Play for the Fast and The Furious Tokyo.2b. Best Made for Mobile Music Service: Winner is Vodafone for Mein PC.

2c. Best Made for Mobile Video Service: Winner is Marble Media for Shorts in Motion: The Art of Seduction

2d. Best Made for Mobile Infotainment for Sports & News Content: Winner is EMPICS Ltd for GameOn.

3. MOBILE SERVICES 3a. Mobile Enterprise Product or Service: Winner is Telepo Ltd for Fixed-Mobile Convergence Solution and Orange PCS Ltd for Business Everywhere.3b. Best Mobile Messaging Service: Winner is 3UK for connectivity between Windows Live Messenger with 3 users.

4. MOBILE HANDSETS4a. Best GSM Mobile Handset or Device: Winner is Samsung Electronics Co Ltd for SGH-D900.4b. Best 3GSM Mobile Handset or Device: Winner is Sony Ericsson – Sony Ericsson K800 Cyber-Shot ™ phone and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd – SGH-Z560.

5. MARKETING AND PROMOTION 5a. Best Broadcast Commercial: Winner is Turkcell for Turkcell-im came, boredom’s gone’ and Ancel – Ancel Baby’s Berp5b. Best Mobile Advertising: Winner is Qwikker for Virgin Mobile V-Festival


6a. Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development: Winner is GrameenPhone Ltd for Healthline.

6b. Best Ultra Low Cost Handset: Winner is Motorola for MOTOFONE F3.


7a. Best Radio Access Product or Service:
Winner is ip.access for femto3G.

7b. Best Network Quality Initiative:

Winner is Commprove Ltd for Netledge 3G Radio QoS.

7c. Best Service Delivery Platform: Winner is mFormation Technologies – mFormation Service Manager (MSM)

7d. Best Billing or Customer Care Solution: Winner is IDEA Cellular Ltd for CARE – SMS based Self-Service Solution

7e. Best Roaming Product or Service: Winner is TECORE Wireless Systems – TECORE Over-the-Air Local Prepaid Roaming Service


Winner is Mo Ibrahim – founder and chairman of Celtel International

Taken from Global Mobile Award website.



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