KE SARA, SARA, what ever will be, will be …

{March 3, 2007}   Can’t do it Syndrome…

Can’t do it!” “I can’t do math” “I just can’t do physics” “I just can’t focus” “I just can’t set goals” “I just can’t change that about myself” “I can’t control that part of my own life nor do I intend to start anytime soon”

I can’t is my ultimate pet peeve. It allows millions of perfectly intelligent and gifted people an excuse to not achieve success in a certain aspect of life, whether it is math, a negative characteristic, personal goals, exercise, dieting, life, money, or success. These two words “I cannot” gives a fantastic escape from having to take responsibility of a part of one’s life. 

I personally have stopped using those lives ruining words several months ago. And so should everyone who all read this… Right now! Because I can personally say that I have been happier in the last six months than in the past four years of my life. Just recognizing the fact that I am responsible for my emotions, actions, and thoughts have turned me into the genius I was born to become. 

Sure Bobo over there is better than you at math, and can learn as much as you in half the time, but does that matter for you? Does the fact that you need to work twice as hard deny you the ability to master the subject? Heck NO! History has shown over, and over again that determination and hard work always triumphs over intelligence. 

Take responsibility for your life, your actions, your mind, and your future. Seriously, famous doctors at one time could not comprehend medical terms; famous billionaires at one time could not afford a roof over their heads. But gosh darn it; do you know what they did? They said “How can I learn? How can I change? How can I become? What can I do to rectify this situation?” Nobody cares more about your future more than you do, so don’t deny yourself of your success by telling yourself “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”

If you have been told your entire life you cannot excel at a certain aspect of your life, I am here to free your mind, and assure you that you can achieve anything you can imagine, through determination, hard work, and proper knowledge. 

Take responsibility of your own life today, and once you do, you will achieve the happiness, wealth, and health you’ve always dreamed about.


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