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{February 21, 2007}   CHOIS – Converged home & Office interactive services


Choispad 110 has been put up by the infocomm people in my house in the 3rd week of May. Basically the development work is being done by innomedia technologies and the implementation and the field work is done by reliance infocomm.
Before installation the following things were done…. Optical fibers were laid up to my building and a white colored box was put outside the house in which the fibers went. The house was then wired from inside (and the whole thing connected to the white box outside) where in RJ45 connections were given at several places to plug the Choispad and the computer. The Choispad is then connected to one of these ports and to the AV mode of the TV. as such there is now no need for the coaxial cables now as the Choispad also shows TV channels.

External looks and features of Choispad 110

Choispad 110 is a new and improved version of the Choispad 101. There was no external difference between Choispad 100 and choispad101 but Choispad 110 is completely new and different.

LOOKS: Choispad 110 mainly consists of 4 parts:

1.      Choispad: this is less than half the size of previous Choispad. It has got a moulded plastic body which is sleek and good to look. The color is black. Front panel contains a smart card slot, 2 lights( one for network and one for standby mode/remote sensor). The back side contains – audio in, audio out, video out, component video, digital audio, serial port, parallel port, plug for choisfone, charge point for choiser, Ethernet RJ45 plug, Choispower connection.

2.      Choispower: this is a separate unit which goes into the 230V ac supply and the other end goes in the choispad perhaps after conversion to DC. It has got a reset button and also provides a 15 minute UPS backup. 😉 

3.  Choiser: this the remote control of the Choispad. Though it needs to be charged (frustrating thing is that this charge remains for a very little time- about 15 mins – and one need to charge the remote very frequently). A good alternative is use the choisfone. Now the choiser is a remote control panel where we have the arrow keys, ok button, back, tab, delete, shift, symbols, a-z and 0-9, home, start, volume control, page control and a few more. The good thing is that there is a LCD panel with a 4 line display at the bottom where u can see what u have typed . At the back side of the remote is a button which has the function of a mouse ball (it’s a button not a ball tough). This helps while surfing the net.

4. Choisfone: this is exactly same as the choiser except a few differences. This is a phone. U can actually call the people those are connected to the netway network (this is the case now). It has got a speaker and a mic. Call and mute buttons etc. But the catch is that it is connected to the choispad by a wire ( abt 4-5 mtrs). Even this has got a LCD panel and all the buttons present in choiser. Theres a strap at the back of the choiser and the choisfone so that it remains intact in ur hand. 


I suppose the top picture is self explainatory. It shows the choisepad and the choiser. The botton one is a screen shot of the netway screen.

Comments by people who have tested this live….. 

It took over a week of waiting but the choispad was installed last night.
the broadband was very good –

 i tested it at cnet:

I was getting 130 kb/s avg/sustained which is office/work speed the peak rate was around double that in bursts. The ‘landline’ feature was useless, you have to use the remote and you can only call other netway users i’m never going to be using that…
The VoD was quite good – over 100 english & over 200 hindi movies with more being added almost monthly.

The recording feature is good in theory, i’ll comment after i actually use it. The channel selection was mostly better than normal cable but HBO was not available which was sad ;(The internet access was a big dissappointment – the web page does not fit onto the TV! so you have to scroll sideways when reading email which is annoying enough to put me off – i’d rather use my laptop to check email

They should have a zoom feature so we can make a page fit across a TV screenso my final ratings:
~ Telephony – useless (waste of resources)~ Internet on tv – bad (but usable in extreme situations/emergencies)~ Cable – average/acceptable

~ Interactive tv (rewind/pause/record live broadcasts) – good

~ VoD – good

~ Broadband – Very good

Since i’m not paying for it yet (first month free), its acceptable. But i would not want to pay more than 500/month for this including taxes & STB rental if we assume about 50 for taxes & 100 for the rental, that leaves about 350 for the services. The rechargeable remote is a good idea but I don’t see why a corded remote is also provided – like any mobile, we should be able to use it while its charging the ‘online’ help was barely avg with pauses every few min for the streaming video to get download the voice style/tone was quite poor (not the audio quality but the human skill.) for the help videos.I stick by my earlier opinion – the remotes are UGLY and need to be taken out back and shot without a trial!

Overall compared to the hype it misses the mark as usual…


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